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Welcome to Flow

Flow is the intelligent, modern, integrated and organized way to do Real Estate. Flow is a one stop, Mobile-Centric, all-inclusive real estate software, that integrates all the necessary tools from start to finish.

Up to 20% Increased Speeds
In Transaction Time

Up to 45% Increase In
Agent Efficiency

Up to 32% Decrease In
Operating Cost

Up to 25% Reduction In
Technology Support

Up to 17% In Risk

The Power of Flow

Flow is a revolutionary real estate software that incorporates all the necessary tools in one easy-to-use, intuitive software from start to finish. Flow is the MLS, Tax database, Forms, Signature, CRM, Analytics, Expense tracking, Client and Agent Portals all-in-one platform with One login, One menu, One Support. Flow allows the agent to do more in less time, thus giving them the freedom to close more transactions quickly. Flow allows the Company, Agents and Clients to stay connected with all points of the transaction life cycle centralized in a dashboard driven system with state-of-the-art portals to facilitate complete collaboration, engagement and management. Flow allows the Agent and the Company to manage business using clear, up-to-date analytics that minimize unpredictable production outcome and eliminates surprises. Flow is an industry transformer that is designed by realtors for realtors to reduce cost and maximize profit for both the agent and the company. View Features

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