About Us

By Brokers for Brokers

Flow is a collaborative effort of real estate industry leaders. The investors, designers, test users, and developers are all real estate veterans. These real estate leaders experienced the frustrating tedium in the real estate transaction process and responded with an exceptional product.

Flow is created by real estate, for real estate. Together, with an exceptional team of billion-dollar real estate producers, business leaders, real estate company owners & managers, designers, and developers, Flow will reinvent the real estate transaction process. The wide range of experience has resulted in an exceptional solution to a daunting problem. Join Flow as it makes industry transactions fluid again.

Elegant And Fully-Integrated

FLOW is an all-in-one Mobile-Centric software, organized and easy-to-use. With FLOW, agents have access to CRM, MLS, signature capture, tax, and forms – secure and easy to access, anytime, anywhere. Request a Demo