We all know professionals who were involved in unfortunate court cases or disputes. Many of these events take place years after the transaction closes and the memory of the details of the transaction are in the distant past. Without the production of clear communications, the events’ outcome is reduced to he said, she said and becomes really messy. Professionals are vindicated or convicted based on the level of communication they keep.

    Keeping good records is a responsibility of the Professionals, example are Real Estate Agents and the Firms they represent. The firms encourage agents to retain meticulous transaction communication records. While this task of keeping good communications records sounds easy and effortless it is fragmented and fraught with risk. To be deliberate and consistent the agents must spend time organizing their email into folders and sub folders. These folders can be elaborate as agents attempt to create a valid structure to include all communications from all involved in a transaction: buyers, sellers, other Realtors, service provides, managers etc. In the case an agent changes email product or moves from one firm to another, moving the clients records and communication becomes a real problem and the risk of losing vital communications increases dramatically. Some agents print every email message and use storage facilities, or the attic, to keep all that information for the required 3 years.  

    Now with Flow ROI, Real Estate agents can effortlessly, consistently and automatically keep ALL communications organized and stored in a client record, without dragging, dropping, creating folders and subfolders. One place to keep all communications part of the client record, along with all other documents, forms, correspondents from others involved in the transaction, service providers, loan document, warranty information etc. 

    Flow ROI was designed by Realtors for Realtors. A system that automatically keeps every email message between an agent and the client. Every email.

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