The real estate process is very involved and contains many moving parts. The process involves many sides and each side has its own challenges. Imagine for instance, a relationship between a real estate agent and a buyer client. This relationship contains many processes such as staying in touch, documenting all conversations, communicating with sellers, etc., even before the entering of an actual transaction. Keeping signed documents, email and text management, mortgage, inspections, home warrant, home insurance documents and the list goes on. The firm where this agent works may also have their own set of in-house documents and processes. In the middle of all this is the agent. 

The agent is like the hub that drives the wheel of a bicycle. For a wheel to work properly, it needs to be true, and for the wheel to be true, all spokes need to be connected to the hub and have the proper tension. If the wheel is not true, the ride becomes very bumpy and the wheel rubs against the frame and causes all kinds of performance problems.  

    For the real estate agent to perform well, move the transaction in a proper speed and complete the journey with fulfillment of all the processes, they need to have a system. A system that can help them manage all the spokes. The system can be as simple as a paper binder where all documents and vital communication are printed. The paper binder system does not need a great deal of skill, maybe just the skill or reading and writing. This system might be old fashion and time consuming, however it is a valid and effective system.

    With all the technology now available for agents, firms and consumers, the process of keeping the transaction moving smoothly and efficiently has become more complex. The agent is expected to communicate with clients electronically via email, text and voicemail. They also need to archive all these communications for proper documentation. Agents use MLS, Forms, Tax, Signature, Transaction Management, and Contact Management systems. They also track income and expenses, communicate with firms, service providers etc..

    The myriad disconnected systems the agent is expected to use and even master, are complex, developed by many technology companies. Each of these companies deploy a system using their own proprietary logic, their own menus, their own color schemes, their own support. The agent is then left with a fragmented chaos to manage every day and in every transaction.

    The time has come in our software evolution, to know better and to do better. It is time in our software evolution for one system to handle everything the agent neesd to engage and manage the entire relationship. 

      In the next article, I will describe in more detail the optimum system to manage this relationship so the agent can be truly the hub of activities that keep the wheel moving comfortably, safely and efficiently.  

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