Flow is the newest and most innovative system using state-of-the-art technology to provide the most effective way to leverage the MLS. Agents can use the innovative and powerful natural language search or the advanced searches to efficiently produce and communicate accurate results.  Flow is the simplest, most efficient way to do MLS Searches, client prospecting, CMA, Analytics, reports, flyers. Flow is designed by producing and busy agents who understand the need for clarity and efficiency


Agent, client, staff and management efficiently manage the entire life cycle of the transaction in a robust portal management system.  Agent and client will collaborate all phases of the transaction.  Clients will have peace of mind with continuous access to information.   All conversations, activities, documents, forms, notes, events are in one secure portal, never been easier.


The dash board allows the client, staff and management with a glance stay on top of the entire transaction and business. The agent dash board is populated with relevant content to help summarize activities, events, production and expenses. The company allows the manager to view office production, agent performance and transactions.    Clear information –  When you need it – Where you need it

The Tax

Flow is the Tax database system.  Flow’s tax element puts tax data at your figure tips. It is consistent with the MLS Search in functionality, and design.


Flow includes all State and in-house forms.  Forms will be automatically added to the transaction, and content may be filled from known information already in the transaction.


Flow uses state-of-the-art, industry leading document signature products.


The Flow Analytics is a powerful tool to give a quick picture of the agent and company current business, comparison of current to previous year. The Flow Analytics is also a predictive, forward looking, tool to help in the intelligent decision making of the agent and the company. Flow Analytics will help company and agent increase profit by making accurate decision based on current and future data, while minimizing loss

Expense Tracking

The Flow Expense tracker allow the agent to stay connected and in control of their business income and expenses. Tracking transaction and business expenses has never been easy. No need to last minute rush to collect receipts for IRS reporting. This tools gives the agent the power to stay informed about their complete financial picture, so they can make informed financial decisions. In mere minutes the agent can add their expenses, categorize them, record their income and analyze their current and future financial picture.

Transaction Management

Track the entire transaction from the first phone call all the way to closing, in one, secure, mobile centric platform. Track all
– Email communication
– Text Communications
– Documents and Forms
– Signed contracts
– Expenses
– Events and appointments
– Notes


A True NextGen Client Relationship Management, with robust and effective Action and Marketing plans.  The Flow CRM helps the agent strategically manage and analyze every client relationship, for maximum exposure, presence and return on investment. The Agent and Client are constantly engaged with up-to-date data analytics and activity tracking.  The Action and marketing plans maximize client engagement and retention